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My name is Vickie, and I have been involved in dog handling and breeding for most of my life.  I began by breeding dalmatians, then moved on to showing and breeding ChowChows, before finally finding the breed I was meant to love forever.  My children were young when I began breeding Goldens, and now as adults they join me in bettering the breed for families in the area.  
Our goal at a Golden4u is really simple.  We want people to fall in love with golden retrievers as we have.  We aim to make that happen by breeding high quality, healthy dogs to add to your family.  In order to make that happen, we take lots of time investing in our adults.  They receive regular vet care, undergo testing and certifications for hips, heart, elbows, and eyes.  Additionally, we take the time to genetically screen our adults against hereditary conditions.  
Our puppies are raised on our 70 acre farm home, surrounded by love and lots of socialization.  We begin the concepts of house training by introducing an "area" that is used as their bathroom.  They receive regular stimulation to develop well rounded and confident dogs that are ready to take on the world.  
All puppies come with a health guarantee against genetic conditions.  In the unlikely event that something occurs, we do not require you return your puppy like most breeders.  Instead, we will pay for the vet care up to the cost of the puppy. 
We do not sell puppies with unlimited registration.
We hope that you come and meet us, and chose to love this breed as much as we do!

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