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My family and I met Vickie (A Golden 4 U) in 2015 regarding an unique challenge. Not a canine challenge but a human challenge. My son Owen (almost 6 yrs old at the time) has Autism, ADHD, Hyperhagia (Never feels full & is always hungry), Asthma and terrible social anxiety to name a few of his challenges. We couldn’t leave the house… It was sad for everyone in the family and no way to live. We just never knew when the next meltdown would occur.

When we met and evaluated a litter of Vickie’s puppies, you could see my son's anxiety that day..... We also saw the miracle that can happen in a blink of an eye. You see Owen had a brief moment of anxiety when we arrived .... but when she brought those puppies out, the anxiety melted away! You could see it in his face. That's when I knew that God had placed Vickie and her puppies in our lives for Owen!

Chance, Owen's puppy has become his Service Dog. He came home to Owen on his 6th birthday in April 2015. He has a natural alert to Owen's Asthma, and his anxiety and is amazing us everyday as he holds his chest high to the challenges of his job!

Chance started going to school with Owen in the 3rd Grade. Owen no longer cries about going to school. He has become one of the most popular kids in his class. This upcoming fall they will be moving on to middle school. Chance has given my son independence, confidence and support in a way that we couldn't give him. Chance is Owen's rock and helps him transition into our world which is an extremely overwhelming world for Owen. To say that Chance has changed our lives is an understatement.... He has changed our world!

I could never thank Vickie and A Golden 4 U enough!!

Colleen Corcoran

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